Amsler Grid

The Amsler grid is a useful tool to detect vision problems resulting from damage to the macula (the central part of the retina).

Report any irregularity to your eye care professional immediately.

The grid does not replace having your macula tested by an eye care professional, particularly if you are over 50 yrs old or have any risk factors for macular degeneration.

Amsler Grid

How to do it

  1. Cover one eye, then focus on the dot in the centre.
  2. Do any of the lines look wavy, blurred or distorted?
  3. Are there any missing areas or dark areas in the grid?
  4. Don't forget to test
    both eyes.

About Us                                                                                                           Privacy Policy

MDNZ is a charitable trust (#CC42203) with a vision to provide awareness, education and support to those who suffer from MD. MDNZ has tremendous support from a range of ambassadors, trustees and sponsors.

The annual report highlights increased awareness of MD within New Zealand and includes annual financial and chairperson reports.

Contact Us

If you have questions about MD, or you would like to volunteer with or sponsor us, please get in touch with MDNZ.

You can contact us by calling our Support Line, email or send an enquiry by using the form on the right.


Send us an enquiry


Support Line: 0800 MACULA
(0800 622 852)

Address: PO Box 137070, Parnell
Auckland 1151


Our Vision

To reduce the incidence and impact of MD in New Zealand


Our Objectives

  • Awareness: To increase awareness of MD in New Zealand.
  • Education: To provide accurate, specific, current and ongoing information about MD through education of the MD community, their carers and service providers.
  • Support: To enhance the quality of life of people with MD and the associated MD community, facilitating access to relevant support services.
  • Research: To support and pursue research into the causes, prevention, treatment and possible cures for MD.
  • Representation: To advocate for access to evidence based treatments and advance the best interests of the entire MD community.


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Who we are


MDNZ are appreciative of the support and work our ambassadors do attending seminars, assisting with fundraising, and sharing experience.

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MDNZ is administered by the following trustees:


Mrs Phillippa Pitcher
General Manager                                                                                           



Sponsors & Supporters



Freemasons Foundation
For centuries Freemasons have given to charities supporting those needing assistance. MDNZ has been the recipient of generous donations from Freemasons Foundation. These have contributed to MDNZ’s programme of increasing awareness and providing educational resources and support to the MD community.

 Ryman Healthcare Ltd

Ryman Healthcare Ltd operates 25 retirement villages across New Zealand. Each year the residents and staff fundraise for a chosen charity which is matched dollar for dollar by the company. MDNZ provided two seminars in each of the 25 villages around New Zealand during the 2012/2013 year and were rewarded with a generous donation in May 2013.


Blackmores New Zealand provides products, information, advice and knowledge on natural health solutions. Their evidence-based formulas Blackmores Macu-Vision® and Blackmores Lutein Defence™ are formulated in line with the Age-Related Eye Disease Studies (AREDS 1 and 2), and help to support the macular eye health. Blackmores New Zealand proudly sponsors MDNZ donating a percentage of sales, Nutrition and Supplements brochures and Amsler Grids in support of the MD community.

Lotteries Grants Board

Lottery Grants Board Te Puna Tahua
New Zealand Lottery Grants Board distributes profits from state lotteries. The Lottery National Community Committee supports MDNZ’s focus on community awareness providing grant funding for awareness activities and resources.


Bayer is an international, research-based enterprise with core competencies in three business areas: health care, agriculture and high-tech materials. As an inventor company, it sets trends in research-intensive areas. Bayer’s products and services are designed to benefit people and improve the quality of life.

 Guardian Trust

Guardian Trust administers charitable trusts providing funding to charitable organisations. MDNZ has received grant funding from:

  • Ted and Mollie Carr Charitable Trust
  • TM Hosking Charitable Trust
  • James Russell Lewis Charitable Trust
  • Harold Holt Charitable Trust
  • Alice & Stan Flavell Charitable Trust
Humanware Macular Disease Foundation RANZCO
Sky City Hamilton  Novartis  The Mad Butcher Community Trust
Essilor logo  oOh CMYK  Giving Tree Logo
The Lion Foundation Logan Brooke   SMP Solutions   optics    
Ricoh Blind Foundation Logo no tagline RGB   Visque    retina   WaiBOP United logo
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Annual Reports

 Revised Cover for AR

2018-2019 Annual Report

Our 2018-2019 Annual Report highlights MDNZ's key achievements for 2018-2019.  click here to download PDF.

 MDNZ Annual Financial Report cover 2019

2018-2019 Annual Financial Results

Annual Financial Accounts to 31 March 2019.   For the audited financial statements click here to download PDF.

 MDNZ Annual Financial Report cover 2018xtra small2

2017-2018 Annual Financial Results

Annual Financial Accounts to 31 March 2018.  For the audited financial statements click here to download PDF.

 front page image resized

2016-2017 Annual Financial Results

Annual Financial Accounts to 31 March 2017.  For the audited financial statements click here to download PDF.


 2016 Financial Results Cover Resized

2015-2016 Annual Financial Results

Annual Financial Accounts to 31 March 2016.   For the audited financial statements click here to download PDF.

 MDNZ Financial Accounts 2015 Cover

2014-2015 Annual Financial Results

Annual Financial Accounts to 31 March 2015.  For the audited financial statements click here to download PDF.


 finance cover

 2013-2014 Annual Financial Results

Annual Financial Accounts to 31 March 2014.  For the audited financial statements click here to download PDF.



MDNZ Annual Report 12 13

2012-2013 Annual Report

Our 2012-2013 Annual Report highlights an extended reach to people in local communities, increased activity and highlights an organisation moving forward, click here to download PDF.

MDNZ Annual Financial Accounts 12 13 1

2012-2013 Financial Results

Annual Financial Accounts to 31 March 2013. For the audited financial statements click here to download PDF.


2011-2012 Annual Report

Our 2011-2012 Annual Report highlights the strengthening partnership and increased awareness of Macular Degeneration within New Zealand. The report also includes the chairmans report and the financial report.  Read report...

2009-2010 Annual Report

Our 2009-2010 Annual Report highlights the launch of MDNZ, the RANZCO Conference, our guiding principles, our chairman and financial report, along with information on our ambassadors and trustees. Read report...

Learn more about Macular Degeneration

Find out how MD affects the lives of real New Zealanders. Watch the video, learn about the risks and see how MD is a growing problem in our society.


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Map: Where is MD in NZ?

Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is a growing problem in NZ. Total prevalence is predicted to be 206,908 in 2018.

View more

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Getting tested is simple

There is a quick and easy way to tell if MD affects your vision.  Click on the link below to see if you have the common warning signs.

Test Button

 MDNZ Website 3steps

What you need to know

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What's the chance?

In New Zealand MD affects 1 in 7 people over the age of 50 years

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Smokers have 3 times the risk of developing MD and tend to develop MD 10 years earlier than non-smokers

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Is it getting worse?

It is estimated the number of people with MD will increase by 70% by 2030

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More common than you think

Age related Macular Degeneration is the most common cause of blindness

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You need to know!

Of those most at risk (50+) 67% have heard of MD and only 48% understand that it is an eye disorder. *Galaxy Poll March 2014

People with a family history of MD have a 50% chance of inheriting the genetic predisposition of developing MD.

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What if I don't have treatment?

Untreated, the majority of people with wet MD become functionally blind within 2 years

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